good vibes

You- the other half of me; the half I'll never be. The half that drives me crazy! You, the better half of me.

Carielle, my #tru frand ‘til the end. I’m so glad I’ll be ringing in the new year with you by my side because you’re probably the only thing I’ll need in the next set of months. Like whenever I had friends before you I never felt like they were real friends, you know? I never wanted to take duckface selfies with them or watch reality tv shows with them or any of my other favorite activities. But with you, I do. I want to laugh with you over the stupidest things while we eat bad food and I want to fly across the country and give you a hug and a chick flick to watch when you’re sad. Or should I say, when you’re feeling down and I’m yelling timber. Just kidding, but I’m laughing a lot right now. I love how we can be talking about iPhone apps one minute and our plans for the future the next. I think that’s something that’s really rare to find in a person, let alone in a best friend; so I’m really glad I can be my full self with you and not just my crazy self or my super-deep, philosophical self. Don’t laugh at that, I am so deep and philosophical, I swear. Anyways, we’re so different sometimes but we’re also totally the same too. Does that make sense? Yes, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. ‘Cause we can disagree over stupid stuff like bad pop songs but agree on bigger stuff like how we obviously have to find an apartment together and play shoe golf, which is truly all I want out of life. So, I hope you have a very happy holiday and not only that but an amazing new year because you so deserve it. 2014 will so be the year we take the world by storm, let’s be honest. I love you so much and I’m so glad to call you my best friend. ❄ ♡ ☺ Love, Liz.

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